SUNDAY 10:30 am - Worship Service

MONDAY 7:30 pm - Counseling with Pastor Andrew

WEDNESDAY 7:00 pm - Praises & Prayer Meeting

THURSDAY 7:30 pm - Men's Bible Study at church

THURSDAY 7:00 pm - Youth Summer Bible Study

1st FRIDAY 7:00 pm - Praise Team practice with Hazel K.

2nd FRIDAY 7:00 pm - Praise Team practice with Euvy A.

3rd FRIDAY 7:00 pm - Praise Team practice with Jacob A.

3rd FRIDAY 1:00 pm - Stoney Point Outreach


At the Filipino International Christian Church we believe that Fellowship is one of the foundational elements of a New Testament Church. Fellowship remains one of the top priorities of the church because we believe that to be matured in Christ is to remain in constant fellowship with Him and with other believers. 


20361 Prairie St. #2 Chatsworth, CA 91311    (818) 772 - 8800

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To know CHRIST and make Him known

20361 PRAIRIE ST. #2 CHATSWORTH, CA 91311     (818) 772 - 8800